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Does Rowe Logistics, Inc transport vehicles outside of USA?

Rowe Logistics, Inc only transports in the Continental United States.

How do I place a transport order?

You will need to email dispatch@rowelogistics.net to setup a transport order.

How long will it take my transport order to be shipped?

Rowe Logistics, Inc local/short moves takes about 5 – 7 business days. Out of state moves can take up to 2 weeks for delivery. Please note: Weather, traffic, conditions of roads and other unforeseen circumstances make delivery dates longer. Rowe Logistics, Inc dispatch team will work very close with you to meet your transportation delivery dates that you desire and keep you informed throughout.

If my vehicle is ready to transport, how many days prior does Rowe Logistics, Inc need me to place my transport order?

Rowe Logistics, Inc needs 10 business days prior to your vehicle(s) being ready to arrange pick-up. We will ALWAYS do everything we can to meet the delivery date you desire.

What is the time-frame of having my car picked up?

It usually takes 3 – 5 business days, from the time your vehicle is ready for transport, to be picked up. This will also depend on the availability of carriers in the area of pick-up, weather conditions and other transportation items.

Does Rowe Logistics, Inc offer residential pick-up/delivery?

No, we do not offer this type of service. Our carriers will pick-up/deliver units to residential customers in an open parking lot or shopping center area near the pick-up/delivery location. We do not pick-up/deliver in residential area due to low hanging tree branches, amount of space for the trucks to drive and turn around, power lines, narrow roads etc.

Will my vehicle(s) be picked up and delivered on the same truck?

Typically, yes. The same transport company will pick-up and deliver your vehicle(s) on the same truck. However, just like any other situation, unforeseen circumstance may cause this to change.

What do I do if I’m not available at pick-up or delivery?

You can arrange to have a relative, spouse, friend or co – worker at the location of pick-up or delivery. Please make sure the person that will be at pick-up and delivery signs a contract bill of lading for the vehicle(s).

How much does it cost to ship my vehicle(s)?

All the rates are calculated based on distance from zip code to zip code, size and operability of the vehicle(s). Submit your vehicle(s) information via email to receive a quote or give our Dispatch Team a call or text at (859) 499-3614.

What payment options does Rowe Logistics, Inc offer?

o Check
o Credit Card (please note a 4% fee with be placed on top of the quoted rate)
  • You will receive an invoice after delivery of the vehicle(s)
  • You will NEVER pay our carrier at the time of delivery.

How much gas should I leave in my vehicle(s)?

Its recommended to leave between 1/8 and 1/4 of fuel in the tank, but we can transport with more than that in the vehicle(s).

What if my vehicle(s) is inoperable?

This must be noted at the time you give the vehicle to Rowe Logistics, Inc to transport. If your vehicle(s) is inoperable, an inoperable fee will be added to the transport cost.

What if my vehicle(s) is oversized?

This needs to be noted at the time the vehicle(s) is given to Rowe Logistics, Inc to transport. The following will need to be reported:
o Altered suspension
o Dually
o Body Kits
o Oversized wheels
  • If this is not noted at the time the vehicle is given to Rowe Logistics, Inc there will be additional charges applied to the transport cost.

Will my vehicle(s) be insured during transit?

Most Certainly! All of our carriers are fully insured with them carrying 1 million dollars of liability insurance.

Is Rowe Logistics, Inc licensed and bonded?

Rowe Logistics holds license from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, MC#523693.
We are fully Bonded and Insured.

What if there is damage to my vehicle(s) at delivery?

o Please make sure the carrier knows and understands there is a new damage to the vehicle that wasn’t on the original Bill of Lading. At that time, the new damage will need to be documented on the bill of lading that you and the driver will sign at delivery. TAKE PICTURES!.
o Call Rowe Logistics, Inc and report the damage within 24 hours of delivery. We will need pictures of the damage(s), signed bill of lading and an estimate on the damaged vehicle(s).

Does Rowe Logistics, Inc need my title, registration, insurance, etc?

No, all we will need is a signature at pick-up and delivery on the Bill of Lading provided by carrier.

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